Rake Day

Rake Day

Fortunately, I no longer experience the agony for I have seen the light and with my beloved lawn mower, I munch these buggers to bits.


but today, I generously offer these words to the raker-s and leaf blowers of the world.

!! Enjoy !!

– – – – – – – – – –

Have I mentioned I adore trees … ?
I do.
You know I do.

Time and time again, I have confessed my obsession.
I can’t stop.
I love them so.
I cannot explain it either.
Trees just make my heart incredibly happy.
All day.
Every. Day.

Except for today.
Today is my Annual Eye Opening Day because today is Rake Day
& everything changes on Rake Day.
Today I will realize, recall and remind myself that those glorious trees and their fallen leaves annoy the #!!@# out of me.


I usually love outside stuff.
Give me a lawn mower or a snow shovel, put some tunes in my ears and I am good.
Snow storm coming ?
Bring It.
The grass needs cutting AGAIN ??
Yippee !
I. Love. It.
But raking leaves ?
Oh, raking leaves.
There’s just something about that chore that does not align with happy happy joy joy.

Stalling until the crummiest day of all might have something to do with my annoyance.
It’s usually windy and damp and cold and crappy outside but, I’ll be darned if I’m going to do it twice.
I wait until every last leaf is on the ground
& yes, the rumors are true, raking brings out the best of my procrastinating self.
I will think of every excuse in the book to delay the inevitable
& I am not ashamed to admit, I have quite a variety of excuses in that book.

But today, Rake Day, eventually, always arrives
& I finally relent.
I trudge outside.
I gather.
I pile

& I become increasingly irritated and agitated with all of mankind because I have to move those darn, friggin leaves !


I know !
What’s up with that ?!?

Oh trees.
I love you.
I do. I do. I do.

I love your Winter baldness.
I love your Spring buds.
I love your Summer greens.
I love your Autumn color bursts.

I love every single thing about you

 except TODAY

Those leaves of yours are SO ruining our beautiful relationship.


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