Repeated with a whole lotta gleeeeee after spending many minutes on the dance floor this weekend.

! ! Enjoy ! !

I have never been much of a dancer.
Weddings, parties, events.
I sway.
I shuffle.
I halfheartedly twist or twirl
& I may “dance”
But, I don’t dance-dance.

She does.
Always and every time.

The minute the DJ turns on the tunes or the band strikes a note, she moves.
She can’t help it.
Her enthusiastic enthusiasm needs to be free.

C’mon, it’s FUN  is the glee she shares as she rushes out to the designated boogie spot.

“Let’s DANCE ! !”

Sister # 2 is and forever will be a dance-dancer
& until recently, I’ve observe her happiness from afar.
“Next song …” is what I’d often mutter as I would watch that girl blissfully float away
& off she’d soar, as she giddily joined the other dance-dancers.

! ! C’mon ! !

yeah. yeah.

I prefer to mingle with the we’d rather talk table
& I’d always have a great time but, the something inside that forever kept me seated would enviously eyeball those dance-dancers.
Those not a care in the world, we just need to get jiggy, dance-dancers

& then,
it happened.
One sweet day for reasons yet unknown, I followed Sis onto the dance floor
& you know what ?
That effervescent, twirly-whirly sister of mine is absolutely right.

I don’t know what took me so long or what I was waiting for !!
& Life
oooooh Life ! keeps sending those reminders of just how incredibly short it can be
so, hey !
May I have this dance ?
Why, yes, yes, I may
& the one after that and the one after that one toooooo
& please ! feel free to join me, if you’d like …!…
I sure wish you would
& truly hope you will.

As that toe-tappin, never stoppin, happy Happy HAPPY sister of mine sings …


It’s FUN !