Writing Because

Writing Because

or so I thought as the minutes slipped by and the hours meandered away

& oh well, I excused, whatcha gonna do about it ?? Some days have a mind of their own and today is one of those. I’ll do tomorrow. Yep, I’ll wait. I’ll hold off. I won’t. I’ll …

but but but but

I coaxed and pleaded. I know you’re tired but, please, just do. You know you want to so just sit yourself down and try.

! BA ! and UGH !! I grrrr-ed and murmured


! ! OK ! !

I’ll TRY.

& as I relaxed into my writing, I found a 🙂 and realized

& ahhhhhh.

Here I am, writing for me, writing for you, writing about nothing, writing about everything, writing with purpose, writing with ease, writing ’cause I can, writing ’cause I want, writing because I must 

& it is HERE where it once again occurred to me that no matter what bumps and lumps and detours and roadblocks and this and that’s I happen to stumble and falter and trip over and upon

& it is HERE, I shall stay.

so, YaY.

I’m delighted I found a message for today

& I sure hope you are too.


Oh Yes I Can