Little Red

Little Red

I spent my yesterday cutting grass.


& I’m so darn happy about it, I must say those awesome words again

I spent my yesterday cutting grass.


As we all know by now, lawn-mowing is one of my very favorite activities EVER so yes, much joy was felt in this ol’ heart as normal has been quite elusive to my life these past few months

& normal ?? yeah. I’m a fan of that too.

So there I was, having a grand time with the music singing and traipsing through my brain when all of a sudden, I spot this tiny-ness

& yep, I had to dead-stop in my tracks and take a pic ’cause look at it !  I mean really, really look at this minute beauty and it’s perfect fragility

& then I thought, dang, if THAT ain’t how I feel every now and again, sooooo very teensy in this gigantically enormous place we call Universe and what an incredible blessing it is to be a mere portion, a slim, itty-bitty slice of it all

So. Just what am I going to do with this clarity of amazing awareness ???




& enjoy every single moment of this microscopic privilege called LIFE because WoW, Little Red Berry



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