I roll over. I look at the clock

& ugh

Should I bother ? Should I try ? Should I care ?

You Matter

& after a few minutes of intense I really could just stay right here debating, I pull myself up and out because that something inside tells me to get up and do

Oh Yes I Can

& so, I walk myself to this laptop and write words.

Words of hope.


Words of love.

Puzzle Piece

Words of faith and trust and knowing.

Dancing With Jesus

& yes, there are days when I’d rather not, days I want to run away and hide.

Under My Sidewalk

But I made a promise to me and to my very best BFF

My Friend

that I will no matter what lies ahead continue

& in return, that awesome friend of mine continually shows and guides and helps me find the wonderful in every day, every encounter, every everything

‘Cause Jesus Told Me So

So as we begin another brand new today, here’s hoping you find your determination, your love, your trust, your promise and a whole bunch of wonderful too.

Simple Things 

& when that voice inside urges you to get up and do ?



Read by Ken Guidotti