& The Award Goes To …

& The Award Goes To …

They call it the DAISY Award and the nominating forms are found throughout these halls & it’s quite a lovely way to honor and celebrate the skillful, compassionate care nurses provide every day. Established in 1999 by the family of J. Patrick Barnes, it is a very warm and awesome way to express !! THANKS !!

& as I sit here in this peaceful garden thinking of the days Husband and I have spent within those walls,  I find myself wishing I had written every single everyone and everything down because try as I might to remember, truth be told, I’m pretty darn good at forget


but they are here, in every level of this process, kind souls who reach above and beyond, who take that extra step, who, quite honest to goodness-ly, don’t seem to mind at all.

There was Adrian with his positive and delightfully vocal encouragement and Courtney with her quietly determined ways. Kandice was a burst of honest enthusiasm and Diana, Don’t Call Me Diane, offered giggles to our days. Alison brought a volume of information and Cindy filled our hearts with genuine, caring ways. Always moving, always dancing Gilda was a joy to experience.

Madeline offered prayers, Annie, unconditional friendship and soft words arrived with a prettily named, Lorea’l.  Brenda with her gentle laugh and Dr W’s  I’ve got alllll day if you need me vibe were mighty powerful too.

The PTs and OTs, the daily smiles from the sign-in gals at the desk, the security guard with his ponders about my step tally and the jolly “Have a GOOD night !!” from the man in the colorful suits.

The valets and their hearty HI’s as I’d pass them on my walk around the building outings and the I’m BLESSED ! lady who would answer my “How are you ?” inquiry in such a sunshiny way.

Yes, you kind hearts have helped in ways I find hard to describe. You have been my continuous reminder of how very lucky I am to share this world with people like you and how appreciative I am that our paths have crossed.

As Husband and I move along to our next, please accept my very favorite flower and know, even though it’s not,

YOU will forever be my daisies.







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