Beautiful You

Beautiful You

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Eve !
& if you happen to be wondering,
I won’t be one of the millions traveling the highways and byways this year.

This year, I will be happily kicking back with a whole lotta nothing.
No. Thing.
A burnt hot dog, a fire in the pit, a lawn chair and ahhhhh
that’s all I ask out of life.
But, since so many of you will be hitting the road and driving off to your happy place destinations, I thought I’d send you on your merry little way with some words from my archives.

Welcome back to Beautiful You …

! Enjoy !

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I’ve recently returned to the place I call home after a few weeks of travel
& I just gotta tell you …
I ADORE a good road trip. I do.
I love the sights, I love the sounds, I love the slow and steady process of getting from Point A to Point B.

I love the rest stops, the Love’s Travel Gift Shops and the steaming hot coffees to go.
I love everything about it.
Especially the people.

Ooooooh People.

You are just so darn nice and neighborly
& maybe it’s because we are all in the same ! VACATION ! frame of mind but, I’ve yet to meet a meanie while traveling.
It’s true.

Good Mornings !
Hold the door.
No, it’s ok, you go first.
Genuine HIs, Heys, Hellooooos !
& even more wonderfully endless smiles, smiles, smiles.

There is quite a lot of pleasantness out there in these United States of America.
Oh YES, there is.
Niceys, I’m telling you.
Niceys are everywhere.

Which got me to thinking.
Dang, I wish I could write those stories.
Give me a hard working vehicle, a patient driver, a road map to nowhere in particular, a notebook, a side road and I’ll find you
& You
& You
& You
& youyouyouyouyouyou.

Because I know beautiful YOU is out there, quietly chugging along doing your thing, treating your neighbor as you would like your neighbor to treat you.
Living life, loving life.
Being a good, decent, human being on this place we call Earth
& we just don’t hear enough about you on the nonstop, 24 hour, breaking, nightly news
& it’s too bad
& kinda sad.
Because YOU are America, people !!

You’re dependable and kind.
You’re helpful and generous
& you’d rather not spend your precious time being angry at me
& btw …
I really, REALLY don’t want to be mad at you.
Deep down, I am POSITIVE we all just want NICE.



As you go about your today remind yourself and your fellow peeps that YES, you are a good person
& they are too !
Give them a hearty GOOD MORNING !
Hold that door or let them go first
Hand around those HIs, Heys
& Helloooooos
& always remember to smile.


Because we are all in this together, my friends.
Share your niceness.