It’s my favorite time of day. Predawn early, where there’s nothing but quiet, where I am alone with my thoughts, my convictions, my wonders

& most days, it’s incredibly easy to crawl out from under those covers and make my way to here, my Happy Place. But, every now and again, a tiny emotion called ugh decides to tag along, venturing in that a.m. where I’m not at all enthusiastic. Blanket over head, I lay there with questions, with doubts.

Will I ? Won’t I ? Could I ? Should I ?


It is in these moments, especially within these moments, that I know I must. Get up. Get going. Get focused. Write something. Write anything. Write because I am here, I am now, I can

& so, I do.

I scribble, I scratch.
I one finger type and delete.
I add word to word to word to word.
Until, ta daaaa !
My creation has arrived

& some days, you kind souls who read these connected sentences of mine receive the good stuff.
Some days, the dud.
But, it’s here. I tried. I did.


& yes, I suppose I could stop.
Just not try.
Don’t do.
But, every day, one way or another, I figure I can come up with something
and that Some. Thing. is the reason and the why I continue.

My point ?

YOU are here. YOU are now and YOU CAN !! so get up, get going, get focused. Figure out what makes you SHINE and do exactly THAT. On the good days and even on those a.m.s of UGH !!  DO. just DO & TRY. just TRY

I promise, you’ll be the happiest person on this planet when you one day wake up and realize, you did.

You sooooooo DID.


Oh Yes I Can