Love’s Voice

Love’s Voice

I just experienced the strangest dream, the kind of dream that hovers and hangs and decides to stick around for awhile

& ick.

I can still feel it’s eeriness all around me so please pardon today’s blog, as I need to think about, decipher and yep, write …

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

It was Hate, I battled Hate in the form of a man. This man spewed ugliness, in his words, his thoughts, his actions and as I sat there mesmerized by his total disregard for anything but himself, I felt sadness, for him, for me, for us. Somewhere in his rantings, I had enough but, as I stood to approach this man, I was held back by some greenish, blob type, transparent goop. I could clearly see him, he could clearly see me but we were separated by this force and the man’s smirking grin. So, I began to speak. I told the man that his ramblings meant nothing, that Love is everything, that he cannot touch my heart with his vileness. The more I spoke, the louder my voice became and as my voice became stronger, the green goop quivered and shook as it began this evaporation process, dissipating into little droplets, disappearing into the sky, until it was just this man and me, standing there, staring at each other in a my power is bigger than your power stance …

& then, I woke up

& WoW.

And as I sit here, trying to remove the dark cloak of this dream from my mind, I can’t help but think, ‘You’ve got it sooooo wrong, Hate’ because it’s incredibly simple !! but, ummm, if you need me to repeat, AGAIN, I will repeat myself, AGAIN.

You see Hate, the good souls out there far, Far, FAR outnumber you and your force
& just because you seem to be a constant in our lives means NOTHING.

You may not notice this Hate, but for every disgusting intent you cause there are helpers and healers, believers and doers, downright kind, decent, trustworthy people.
People who step up, people who care.
That’s our powerhouse and it’s called LOVE
& fyi …
Love never, ever, EVER fails.


So if you must, bring it Hate.
Bring. It.
Your destiny is defeat.
Time after time after time you WILL collapse because Love will find a way.
Love always, ALWAYS finds a way.

It’s easy.
It’s real.
It’s pure.

So dissipate into your minuscule droplets and disappear, Hate

oh !! and many thanks for that freaky dream. Your fault-line has been revealed. Love’s voice is singing louder.

With You For You And You