! Applause ! Applause !

! Applause ! Applause !

Now that the ooooos and ahhhhhs and glitz and glamour and gowns and sequin and statues and carpet and speeches and snapshots and enthusiastic everything-s involved with award shows has quietly settled down …


Don’tcha wish we could adore each and every single one of us as much as we do those famous few ??

& wouldn’t it be fantastic if we loved each other as much as we love that actor up on the screen ?
If we treated a homeless person with as much respect as a sport phenom ?
If we universally accepted the ‘weird’ kid in school with the same unconditional glee as that ‘weird’ rocker guy ?
& we admired one another as much as we admire the latest reality tv trend ?

We are all special.
We are all unique.
We are all beautiful.
We are all amazing human beings on the very same planet.

Imagine this world if we could see in one another what we see in celebrities.
Such awe, such respect.


Hey !
WE are the stars.
All of us.
& we all deserve that pat on the back, that honor, that shiny trophy, that glory.
At least, I think we do.

Here’s to US and this teeny tiny dot in the sky we call Home.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Applause !! Applause
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

YaY for YoU.

YaY for Me.

YaY for Him.

YaY for Her.

!! YaY for LIFE !!

 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Shine on, my superstars. Shine. On.



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