The Key

The Key

I’m not one to be brash or bold.
Never have been
& at this point, I figure I never will be
But, that’s ok.
It’s me, it is who I am
& !! YaY !! I’ve become very comfortable with who I am.

There was a time though, when I wasn’t totally in tune.
Days, weeks, even YEARS were wasted worrying about a certain few.
What would they think ?
Should I ?
Shouldn’t I ?
Will they ?
Won’t they ?


I’ve labeled them, my Belittle-rs
& honest to goodness, truth be told ?? I gave them ownership of my mindset for wayyyyyy toooooo longggggg.

I suppose I could call it an epiphany.
Whatever it is, it’s transparent
& I now see things and people with a brand new view.

The secret lies within.
Become happy within and become enlightened.
It’s. That. Simple.

umm, hey, Belittle ?
Maybe it’s time to look at yourself and ask WHY.
Why do you do what you do ?

You hurt when you could help.
You offer ill instead of ease.
You’d rather mock than accept.
You prefer ugly to beautiful.

I’m thinking the problem just might be YOU, Belittle.
Not me.

Not WE.

Those of us who are completely content with our own inner selves are good.
We’re solid, we’re hopeful.
We are confident and proud.

So, be gone, Belittle.
You are sooooooooo released.
By me.
By us

oh & just so you know ??
It’s impossible to control those who hold the key to the controls.



Oh Yes I Can