Everything’s A-OK

Everything’s A-OK

So here I am. Back in my comfy chair, in my quiet room, staring at this laptop and waiting on a sunrise that may or may not decide to shine.


Yes, it has been a wonderful whirlwind and I sooooo enjoyed my step away.


Sesame Street and ESPN highlights are all I know of what’s been happening in this world for the past ten days and honestly ? I can’t say I’ve missed

& yep, !! I HAVE given a ton of thought to remaining forever withdrawn because this quiet land of uniformed is So. Incredibly. Peaceful.

No noise. No bickering. No grumbles or insistence of who is right and who is wrong. The constant ugliness has evaporated and the hate is !! poof !! Gone.

Oooooooh, how I adore being surrounded by the simpleness of a two and thisclose to five year old !! and it will definitely take me a few twenty-fours to venture back to real.

But I highly recommend the break, my friends.
If only for a day or two.
Turn off the tv, look away from the phone and say goodbye to negative.
Become un-apologetically naive.

Listen to those chirping birds.
Watch that bug crawl around on the ground.
Smell the flowers.
Stop in your tracks and smile because your heart is so full you just don’t know what else to do with all that exuberance 
& shh, shhhh, shhhhhhhh.
Welcome in pure.

Oh yeah.
It’s awesome.

I know it won’t be long.
Like it or not, I will be pulled into that cluttered vortex once again.
But for today, tomorrow & maybe the next, next and next …
I’m choosing a child’s view and keeping things delightfully uncomplicated.

I will be incredibly happy, just to be.