Funny how words of a book or lyrics to a song jump up to be acknowledged when it’s YOU and your attention they are seeking.


I’ve had two such instances recently, the first being …

“Fred was always doing something with the finite time we have here.”
Spoken about Mr Rogers by his good friend, David Newell

& bam.

Finite. Time.

The other are lyrics from a Toby Keith song titled Don’t Let The Old Man In.

“Ask yourself how old you’d be / If you didn’t know the day you were born.”

& boom.

Maybe it’s the holidays approaching. Maybe it’s Winter knocking on my door. Maybe it’s the gentle nudges of those who will be spending Christmas in Heaven this year but …


Have you ever wondered about your time here on Earth ? I have.

A lot.

It’s that knock upside the head realization !! HEY !! we are all limited editions and !! HEY !! each of us has an expiration date and !! HEY !!

What if we knew ?
What if I knew the day you will leave and you knew mine ?
Would that change our feelings about each other ?
Would it matter ?
Would we be kinder, gentler ?
Would we see each other in a whole new light ?
Would that grumpy guy on the train be more tolerable ?
Would the lady with too many days be annoying ?

Apathy ?
Empathy ?
Envy ?
Jealously ?
Compassion ?
Genuineness ?


If we didn’t know the day we were born. Our time here is finite.

yep. WoW.


I Love You Too