Simple Faves

Simple Faves

“… it’s my favorite part of the day…”  he said with ease and conviction. “I grab a lawn chair and I watch the fireflies”

& it makes his heart happy

& I thought, YaY

Simple. Wonderful. Glee.

& just in case you haven’t heard, my number one part of the day is … ??


I adore the quiet, the peace. the anticipation of new chances and fresh beginnings. It’s pure. It is hope. It is priceless.


& then I wonder, how many people on this planet take the time to tap into their fave ? I hope many and many and many, many more because once one latches onto THAT,

that feeling,

that promise,

that cherished assurance ??

oooooo weeeeeeee

the minutes, the hours, the days and years will be viewed differently, for you will have discovered gold.

Have you found yours yet ??


I Am My Feelings