For Always

For Always


Good. Bye.

what an odd little utterance

I mean, I get it.
I am wishing you well as you go your way and I go mine but, but, but …
maybe I don’t want to leave you just yet
or ever


I’m not very good at byes.
Never have been.
Back in the day, I’d have a terrible time.
Cry alllllll the way home is what I’d do, spend a dozen or so hours in a funky little funk too.
Fortunately, I’ve evolved with age.
Not that it hurts any less, I’ve just mastered the art of tucking away, of realizing

& no offense peeps, but Grandson farewells are the worse.
Eyes wide, teetering on the brink of tears, we look at each other and repeat our mantra.

“What do we say when it’s time for goodbye ?”

“You always come back to me or I always come to you !! we ALWAYS see each other again !!” this wise, sincere voice exclaims and reminds
YaY !! we hug

because we know
and we do
and we will
& as we walk in our opposite directions, we are confident and secure in that simple, solid trust.


It’s hard enough to say when it’s expected,
when prepared.
when I know it’s coming and am able to adjust.
But, when it comes out of nowhere ?
When time stops and the world is turned upside down ??
Where goodbye is so very final and the thought of moving on seems near impossible ??

Remember these indisputable words, my friends.
You always come back to me or I always come to you.

It’s a promise.
A guarantee.

We will see each other
for always,


I Am My Feelings