I waited in a Waiting Room yesterday.
I didn’t particularly want to be there
& if I had a choice of places I’d rather be, I would definitely be somewhere else.
But, I was
& so,
I waited.

The woman across from me waited too
& the the man to her left.
A few children were also in that Waiting Room
& they patiently waited too.

We all kept ourselves occupied.
There were magazines to be read, a tv to be watched and games to be played.
Everyone waiting in that Waiting Room kept themselves quite content.
It’s what people do in Waiting Rooms

& the wait wasn’t a terribly long stretch of time.
The friendly staff had things moving at a very snappy rate.
So, considering the fact that no one really wanted to be waiting, life was very ok and somewhat lovely

& then,
She walked in.
I have dubbed her ‘Attitude’ because that’s what she was, that’s what she carried.
Attitude made it very obvious, she did not want to be there.
But, instead of dealing the way everyone else in that room was dealing, Attitude wanted to share her misery.
She started with the very kind lady at the desk
& the domino effect of Attitude’s miserableness was felt throughout that room.

All because of one person.
One grumpy, sour person.

It seemed like forever but finally, thankfully, Attitude decided to sit down.
Her noise fell silent with a big, huffy humph.

Luckily, at that very moment along walked in a UPS man.
I have dubbed him “Jolly” because that’s what he was, that’s what he carried.
With a “Good Afternoon !” and a gigantic smile, that wonderfully happy man changed the room in an instant.
He lit it up with his awesome light.
We could feel it
& suddenly, that Waiting Room was alive again.

All because of one person.
One bubbly, it’s great to be alive !! person.

I’m so thankful I was in the Waiting Room when Jolly arrived.
He was my gentle reminder of how very pleasant life can be when happiness is shared.


I’d so rather be jolly.


I Am My Feelings