LOUD Talkin’

LOUD Talkin’

I’ve been told I’m one of “them”
& they advise to never, EVER answer my phone whilst shopping, or trail walking or when I find myself in any and all crowded spaces because people will hear every single one of my rambling words.

I KNOW I’m not THAT bad !

Am I ??

Apparently, yes.
Yes I am.
I am a LOUD phone talker
so, I think maybe it’s best if I just call you later.


Not long ago, Husband and I were in a busy building where private business is often exchanged.
There we were, waiting patiently, quietly talking amongst ourselves and the other waiting-in-liners.
Mr So and So’s number was called
& as he marched himself up to the desk I whispered, “YaY ! we’re next”.

Turns out, Mr So and So was one of “them”.
A LOUD talker.
He proceeded to unintentionally share each and every detail of his super SHHH stuff to every single everybody in that room
& you can’t call it eavesdropping.
Or, I suppose you can.
But, how does one not listen when someone vocalizes so very LOUD ?
So yeah, we heard.
We allllll heard
& boy, did he ever have some complicated business.


I noticed something recently.
No, actually, I’ve re-noticed.
It’s a pet peeve of mine.
One of my long ago, forgotten biggies.
It’s resurfaced while I’ve been spending some sweet, quality time with a four month old cutie
& I’m just wondering, is it me ? or do sounds seem to MAGNIFY when that precious baby falls asleep.
Like that train whistle in the distance
or that creaky door
or the neighbor’s flippin car alarm ..
THE LOUD TALKER who just happens to TALK LOUD at that very moment.

gaaaaa ! !

OK ??!?

Oh LOUD TALKERS, you’re sometimes misunderstood but, I love you.
I get you.
I quite often AM you
& you and your enunciations can have the stores
and the parks
and all the crowded private, places of the world
& everywhere in between.
Just please, PLEASE not around the sleeping babies ok ??



I Am My Feelings