Inside Out

Inside Out

& while we are are the topic of following your heart and listening to that inner voice …

One of my most cherished and preferred, although some would say corny, ‘go to’ sayings has always been about the inner self.

‘She needs to be happy with her inner self ‘
‘It’s obvious he’s not happy with his inner self’

I’d pull these profound phrases out every time I’d see an out of control celebrity going off, yet another, deep end.
I’d use it too, on us regular folk.
Anytime I’d witness someone behaving, acting, being ugly
although they wouldn’t utter it aloud, I’m sure my kids got to the point of  ‘yeah yeah yeah. blah blah blah … inner self”
It was and remains one of my very favorite things to say.

Because it’s true.

How can we ever be really, truly happy on the outside if we’re not feeling it on the inside ?
It’s impossible I tell ya, impossible

& I speak from a long, hard road of experience.
I can’t tell you how long it took my ‘outside’ to finally sync with my ‘inside’.
Years where I thought I had it all figured out, where I looked like I knew what I was doing.


But, when I did slowly, surely, eventually align …
Yahoooooooo !!
It’s all been good ! very, very good from there.

Because I’m happy.
Happy with the outside but, more importantly, happy with the inside.

A million zillion dollars can’t buy it.
Fancy smancy houses won’t disguise it.
Makeup will never, ever cover it.
Power, fame and this and that and that and this may pretend but, cannot resolve it.


Because it’s alllllll about the inside.
Get that inside right and the rest of the world will just fall into place.

“She needs to be happy with her inner self”

She is.
She really is.

& I’m glad I finally listened to my own advice.


I Am My Feelings