Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

A baby looking at a mirror for the very first time.
Now, THAT is a priceless experience.

Trying to figure out who ??  what ??
But always so open, so welcoming to this brand new ‘stranger’.
Offering smiles and coos to that baby smiling back.

A toddler looking in the mirror ?
Can life get any cuter ?!?!
A toddler offers unconditional kisses to this reflection.
Hey, you there ! Yeah ! You !!
I love you so much I need to smooch you right now
& smooooch they do.

Heart melts.
Adorableness flows.

Somewhere down this pure and simple love line though, something happens
& today I’m wondering, at what point does our reflection change …?
When do those questions and doubts start creeping in
& where does that I LOVE YOU go ?

I honestly feel it gets buried within each of us and just needs to be discovered again.
It’s there.
It will always be there.
It may be skillfully hidden and difficult to locate but, it is so there.

Seek it.
Find it.
Because until we all learn to honestly love the inside, we will never, ever completely love the outside
& just imagine life if we all really, truly loved our very own selves.

Woooo weeeeee.
That’s wonderfully deep.

So as you start your day and stare at that person staring back at you in the mirror, I hope you love who you see
& if not, maybe it’s time to figure out why.

And because I am sounding very Saturday Night Live /Stuart Smalley -ish this morning, I shall leave you with his infamous quote.
“I’m good enough. I’m smart enough and doggone it, people like me.”

It’s true.
Now go ahead and give yourself that big ol mirror smoooooooch
& repeat after me …


Because doggone it, I do.


I Am My Feelings