You know I like to keep it positive around here, right ?
Well, truth be told, some days it sure ain’t easy.

Some days, I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle.
There’s this thing called Negative and it’s everywhere.
Every. Where.

The local and national news thrive on it.
Social media adores it.
The radio guy needs to tell me about it.
The gal at the store repeats it …
& sometimes, some days it feels like Negative follows me around.
Poking, prodding, testing, trying.
Confidently determined to break me.

I really hate to admit this but, last night Negative won.
I finally howled “UNCLE”
I couldn’t take it anymore.
I found the nearest blanket, covered my head, called it a day and succumbed to it all.

You win Negative.
I am DONE.


But, that was last night
& THIS is a brand new today.

I escorted Negative right out my door this morning with a powerful push and an equally determined  “don’t come back !”

You may bend me but, you will never break me Negative
& you will never, ever, EVER win.
Not in my world.

Positive resides in me
& it’s amazing what a good cry and a wonderful night’s sleep does for the soul
I am rejuvenated is what I am.

So bring it, Negative.
Show me what you’ve got.
Poke, prod, test and try.
Do it
& do it again
& again
& again.
Get it out of your system if you must, because I am confidently focused
& I am Completely, Positively Happy

& on those days when it feels like I’m fighting a losing battle against this negative swaying world of ours ?
I will keep chuggin out the bright side anyways
& as promised, I will forever keep it positive around me.

So believe me when I say …
Today is going to be a very, VERY good day.

Oh. Yes. It. Is.


I Am My Feelings